Sunday, March 2, 2008

Why does your Company need to invest in a Website

Small business might ask themselves the questions of why they should invest in a website, especially if business is going well. After all, if your business has been running for a couple of years and hasn’t needed one, what’s the point of investing in one now. Well, the answer is simple, times are changing. More and more people are turning to the internet to search for companies, either as consumers or B2B. If small, medium and large companies decide not to get a website, then they are basically cutting themselves off from a growing demand of potential clients.
There are other advantages of having a website. A site can hold a lot of content about what your business does, the services and products, the history, contacts and other information. It will also give the user a general idea about what you are all about. The amount of information it provides cannot fit on other types of marketing, such as business card.

A website is available 24/7. It is more efficient and less expensive to have a website that clients can go to during non-working hours. It allows users to e-mail you from across the globe, regardless of whether you are at work, home or somewhere in between. They will feel more relaxed that they have e-mailed you and you can answer when you receive it. This is of course if they still feel the need to ask you anything, as chances are most users would have found the answer on your site.

Having a FAQ page will provide users answers to questions that, in the past, clients have asked over and over again. The contact page will give all your details without clients asking for directions or pulling out the phone book.

Having a blog is one of the simplest forms of public relations. They will have a platform to build a relationship with you and give feedback on your services or products. You will be able to liaison with a variety of clients at once through your website.

Of the course the biggest bonus of all is, if you are a small or medium size company, you can finally play with the big boys. There is no limit favouritism or class online. If you have the know how, you can finally get ahead of any of your competition.

You will also be able to see how overseas company’s size up compared to your own region and see how prices compare. Having your own website and using to its advantage opens a whole world of information to your company.

Having a website and marketing around it doesn’t necessary mean you have to give up on traditional types of marketing. It just opens the door for more possibilities to work with and get new clients all over the world. It allows you to air your business on a global scale without the complications or expenses of previous marketing techniques.

Celeste writes for Celestial Online an online company that specialises in inspirational images, words and design for websites.

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