Monday, July 30, 2007

SEO and Google AdSense / AdWords

Here coms another very interesting article about Search engine optimization and AdSense / AdWords that I found recently. In my opinion this article can be helpful to all google AdSense publishers and AdWords advertisers for various reasons.

Aside from the obvious benefit of gaining high google position there are additional benefits where SEO comes in handy:

Landing Pages for Google AdSense

If you have a landing page containing AdSense ads SEO will help you triggering the right ads for your purpose. Imagine you have a niche site for, say, "car insurance" (one of those adsense terms which pays well) - then you might be doing good optimizing your site for the term "car insurance" to get more targeted ads for a specific keyword.

Seo and Google Adwords (for Adwords publishers)

Adwords uses the same or a similar algorithm to decide the quality of a landing page for adwords. If you own a web site with rather fuzzy content then your Adwords Quality Score is lower, you pay MORE for the ads.

Amongst other optimizations and addons (eg. links for privacy policy, contact information etc.) on your landing page you certainly want to keep your Adwords campaigns at low cost - therefore you should SEO your site for the given keyword. You want the adword campaign being "spot on".

Those SEO benefits are interesting since they are not really related to Google search position. These methods not only help you saving money, but also help to increase your earnings

Author of this article is G.Rauh he is a SEO specialist and webmaster of
There you can find even more resources covering search engine optimization.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

AdSense Ready Template 007

For the last couple of days I have been very busy with some of my other project but I did find some time to make one new template for the visitors of this blog to download free of charge.
This is 100% Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS template with two columns and rounded corners horizontal navigation in the top right side of the template. There are three placeholders for AdSense ads where you can place your ads.
Template is tested in Opera, Firefox and IE 7.
Template is released and distributed under Creative Commons 2.5 licence which means that you are free to use this template in any way you like. All I ask for is that you leave the web site design credit links in the footer of this template intact.
Click on this link to download free adsense ready website template.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Using Templates On Your Website

Templates for Websites

Templates define a website layout and can also define fonts, colors, images, and many other features of a web page. Using a premade template is usually a lot easier than designing a website from scratch. Website templates range from free to custom made.

Problems with Free Templates

One of the problems of using free templates is that your website won't be unique. There could be hundreds of other webmasters using that same template. Think about it, if you come across a free template that you think looks pretty cool chances are that so did many others.

Another problem with free templates are that they usually come with many restrictions. One requirement they free templates usually have is that you have to link back to the website that you got it from. If you are trying to build your page rank you may not want to give away a link. Another problem can be that you will not be permitted to use the free template on a commercial website.

Inexpensive Templates

For the most part when you pay for a template you will be getting a better quality. Large sites that sell templates hire designers to create professional templates, and then they have the right to resell the template as many times as they wish, this in effect lowers the price. Designers love this arraignment as they don't have to deal with customers, and it's good for the customer too as they get a lower price. For new websites on a shoe string budget a low price is usually a determining factor.

One thing to keep in mind though, larger websites sell a lot of templates and you don't want your website looking like your competitors. So be sure to choose a template that you haven't seen around before and maybe even edit it some to make it unique.

What About Exclusive Templates?

Many websites have begun selling exclusive templates, templates that are only sold once and then removed from their website. You will end up with a unique template that is exclusive to your website although you may end up paying more that you would have paid than just hiring a designer.

If you hire a professional designer you will be able to specify exactly what you want, choose your colors, images, fonts, etc. There are obviously many choices you can make when it comes to selecting a website template, once you figure out your budget you should be able to choose the template that is right for you.

Author: Smith, Jay

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Low Cost Web Hosting – Is It Worth?

Congratulations! Just finished your first website? So this is the high time to look for hosting providers of varied nature. You may crack your head whether to go for free or paid hosting or low cost web hosting. Let’s have some discussion on these aspects.

Although free web hosting is offered at no cost, most of the webmasters are opting for either paid or low cost web hosting. This low cost web hosting can be obtained by shared web hosting. This is the cheapest of all the forms of hosting.

If you opt for free web host, the service provider will usually display their banners on the top of all of your pages. If you want to lift the banners you need to pay minimal amount or upgrade to some of the paid hosting plans.

Low cost web hosting provides you with a lot of features which enables you to create your dream website at minimal cost. If you’re a student, simply purchase a low cost package. Here you can experiment your SEO or web designing skills before launching a perfect website.

Even you can opt for Yahoo personal website that provides you with a lot of features for low cost and even free. The main limitation with this type of hosting is the minimal number of e-mail accounts provided with the package. You need to perform online research on this aspect if you require more email accounts.

Most of the cheap webhosts offers free setup but minimal disk space. Hence check with the provider for the MB of space. If you seek help of the low cost web hosting then uptime of the server should also be checked for uninterrupted service.

Even you can add few sub domains as some of the low cost companies provides this facility. If you want to measure their service, just unearth the number of customers they have. A perfect company provides more number of customers.

In addition to this, the low cost provider should offer 24 hour technical and customer support. You can knock the door of the customer service at any time to sort out any problem that you face during hosting your website.

Bandwidth (data transfer) is also limited. Always select the provider with higher bandwidth to get many users to critique your site. Initially you can sign up for 100 MB bandwidth also!

Many cheap web hosting companies provides free databases including MySQL. For other databases like MS SQL you need to choose some windows hosting package.

The main three advantages of low cost web hosting are:
1. Reseller hosting benefits
2. Minimal overhead costs with cheap web hosting service
3. You save money for now and for the future

You can also get Frontpage extensions, web file manager (which can be used instead of FTP), webmail (good if you need to check your email account from another computer) and website builder tools.

Your requirement list should be prepared before choosing a provider. You can seek the help of the Internet to look out for reliable host. This kind of low cost web hosting is the best option to go for the first timers.

Author recommends reliable web hosting with PHP support, MySQL database and Perl.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Free Web Hosting Template

Last night I have created another new free website template. This free CSS Template is suitable for web hosting company but I think template can be used for any other project.
It is 100% XHTML Strict and CSS Valid and tested in Opera, Firefox and IE 7.
Template has two columns with sidebar on the left and gradient gray background. It is released and distributed under Creative Commons 2.5 licence which means that you are free to use this template in any way you like. All I ask for is that you leave the web site design credit links in the footer of this template intact.
Click on this link to download free web hosting template.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Web Hosting - Tips for Beginners

This is an excelent article for everybody who is looking for the web hosting company for the first time. Not only that beginners should read this article but experienced web masters too can get some obvious, simple but easily forgotten tips.

Finding the right web host for beginners can be a challenge with all the web hosts claiming to be the best. Let's discuss web hosting options for a person who is inexperienced about how to select the best web host for beginners.

You are just beginning to explore the Internet and you have decided that you need a website on the Internet to be successful. You researched the many web hosts that all claim to have the best features and you are over whelmed by all the possibilities.

Let's discuss what a book for beginners should tell you.

Most of the time, people looking for a web host asks all the wrong questions about the web host. Since the Internet is considered "technical", it seems that people automatically start looking at how many gigs of memory and how much bandwidth each web host provides for the price. They read that they can get 10,000 email addresses, 1,000 FTP accounts, and 1,000 mailing lists (Isn't that a joke? Walmart might need that kind of support, but a starting website? I don't think so!) They consider what software is provided? .ASP, Perl, PHP, .NET, Cold Fusion, etc. (Yes, "etc." is not software).

My observation is that people tend to get so bogged down in the technical aspects (hardware and software) of what a web host offers that they lose site of the basic fact that the hardware side of the web host is only the medium that carries their message to the world via the Internet. It is the means to the end.

Web hosts are a dime a dozen and the competition for customers is fierce.

On the hardware technical side, a web host should provide:

* A secure data center that stays up running 100% of the time. * Bandwidth wide enough to handle the all the traffic quickly. * Storage to handle all the data. * Processor speed fast enough to process the traffic without delay. * A secure, reliable connection to the Internet

Any of the major web hosts provides these so why research it to the Nth degree? It is a waste of time.

What people starting to build a new website should really ask is "what is the mission of my website"? Then they should look for the best web host that helps them build a website that satisfies that mission.

All web hosts are not all things to all people. Spend the time finding the best web host that satisfies the needs of your new website.

I wish you the best in building that new site.

Author of This article is John V.W.Howe. His website<;a/> helps people analyze their needs and match those needs to the best web host. He also publishes

Monday, July 16, 2007

Five things everybody needs to know about Adsense

This is an interesting article about Google Adsense program which I would reccomend to everyone who wants to start showing Adsense ads on there sites. It provides you with essential info about how to start and work from that point towards securing more clicks. Do not forget to check on TOS regulations and establish how much freedom new hints about creating background are offering for your purposes.

1) What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a contextual CPC program. This means that you when you place AdSense units on your blog or web site, Google will display relevant picture, text or video ads within the ad units. Every time one of the ads is clicked, you get paid

2) How much do I get paid per click?

This depends on how much the advertiser is bidding. The amount of money you receive per click can be as little as $0.01 or as much as a couple dollars. In general terms, web sites related to celebrities, gaming or MySpace resources are on the low end of spectrum, while the subjects of insurance, web hosting and investing usually receive a higher amount per click. However, keep in mind that the amount of total revenue you generate is going to be based on how much targeted traffic you can drive to your web site.

3) Can I use Google AdSense on blogs?

Yes, Google AdSense can be very profitable when properly integrated into a blog.

4) How can I get more people to click my ads?

One of the most effective ways increase your CTR (click-through rate) is by blending your AdSense units. Google allows you to choose the color of the ad unit background and border, along with the ad title, description and URL.
Blending is the practice of matching the background and border color of an ad unit to the background color of your web page, along with matching the ad title, description and URL colors to those on your web page. This makes visitors much more likely to click your ad units because they look like another element of your web site.

5) Can I place pictures next to my ad unit?

Although Google has stated that you cannot line up pictures next to your ad units, you can still create a background for your ad unit by using a shape or design and CSS.

Don’t be afraid to try out new things with your AdSense ad units. If you are not sure whether an idea complies with the AdSense Terms of Service, all you have to do is e-mail AdSense support and ask for their opinion! To learn more about Google AdSense or apply for a free account, visit the official Google AdSense web site.

Author of this article is Tyler Banfield. Tyler is a regular contributor to

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Seven tips - How to find good hosting company?

All of us that are dealing with blogs, websites, website design etc. search for reliable hosting companies. I recommend this article which is a recent find. It contains of seven useful tips to help you to get best hosting company for your projects.

I'm sure you have heard horror stories about people using free or cheap web hosting. I know I have had my share of horror stories and see hundreds of post,comments, and articles about bad web hosting. Here are 7 tips on how to find a reliable hosting companies.

Tip #1: Check out web hosting forums to read reviews of any host your are considering. To find web hosting forums use Google. Most reliable web hosting companies will have multiple good reviews. In case the hosting company is new you might not see any reviews yet, and you will have to use your best judgment.

Tip #2: Stay away from free hosting! It will only cause you troubles. When you get free hosting they limit your access to certain server features. Remember the saying "You Get What You Pay For" and that holds true to finding a hosting company. Also don't always look at the cheapest hosting as this could mean poor customer service. I pay around $10 a month for hosting and I'm comfortable paying that for the great service I get when I need help. The hosting company I'm with now will reply to support tickets with in 5-10min and it doesn't depend on time. So remember to spend a little extra if need to know your website is safe and you can always contact customer service and get a reply back fast.

Tip #3: Send a question to their support department and call them and see how fast they answer you. Always make sure they have a phone number to contact them in case you need help right away. I would call the phone number to make sure the number is real and a person answers. With this tip you can see how fast their customer service replies to your questions. I would say it's a good host if they reply back with in a couple minutes to a hour with email support, and phone support they should answer during business hours.

Tip #4: See if they offer a 30 day or more money back guarantee. Most reliable host will at least have a 30 day money back guarantee. This way if you try them and you are disappointed you can get your money back.

Tip #5: Check all the services the hosting company offers. My opinion is cpanel is the best and I will not go to a hosting company that doesn't have cpanel. I'm sure other control panels work just as good a cpanel but I have always used cpanel and it's a personal preference. I always look to see if they have PHP 5 and MySql 5 so I know they like to keep their servers updated. Some other items to look at are FTP access,SSH access,SSL,dDoS Protected Network,99.9% uptime guarantee,disk space,transfer,E-mail accounts,sub domains,MySQL DBs,FTP accounts, and other features you will receive as a customer. Make sure what ever your hosting needs are the hosting company has.

Tip #6: This is the one of the most important things to check for and could cost you lost time and money. Make sure the hosting company does free nightly backups. This feature could save you lost time and money having to redo your site if for some reason the server crashes. If the server does crash and you don't have a backup of your site the hosting company will have a backup and can upload your backup for you.

Tip #7: After you have checked the hosting company and decide to purchase from them make sure their order form is ssl. You will see a lock at the bottom right of your internet browser. This will make sure you are on a secure site so your personal information is safe.

These are the main tips I do before buying a hosting package from any hosting company I plan to use. I'm sure there are other ways to check out hosting companies but these are the main tips I do. Always use your best judgment when looking for a hosting company. If you feel their is something wrong with a hosting company don't buy from them and find someone else. Hope this article will help you decide on a quality, reliable, 99.9% uptime, and great customer service hosting company. If you would like to see who I use as my hosting company visit my blog for my review.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to read more articles done by Jason visit his blog at

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Business Website Template 005

After short but inspirational break I designed one new two column fixed width business template for you to download. This template is simple and is easy to customize. I found it really suitable for various kind of projects. After shearing it with my friends they all agreed with me and they too think it has well adjusted color scheme.
This template has been tested in Mozilla Firefox and IE7.
Template has greenish gradient background and sliding door style tabbed navigation in the right column. It has 468 * 60 box in the header area where you can place your AdSense Add. Template is 100% CSS and XHTML Strict Valid.
Click here to download this business website template for free.
This template can be used free of charge only thing I ask is to leave link back to this blog in the footer area of the template intact.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Beginners Guide for Designers Using Templates

A great way to quickly create a website is using a pre-designed website template. You can easily find free or paid templates on many websites through the web.

Free Templates.

If you're really determined to get a template for free, a better way of doing it is to use the ones that come for free with whatever software you're using. WordPress or Joomla, for example, has some very clean, attractive templates. However you do it, though, you have to realise that free templates will never be unique: your website will look just like hundreds of other websites out there that found the same free template you did.

Cheap Templates.

Once you start to get into the territory of paid-for templates, things start to look up. The idea behind sites that sell templates is that they can pay designers a proper rate to do something good once, and then resell it as many times as they want for a relatively low price. This lets designers be paid for as many designs as they want without ever having to deal with customers, and it lets customers buy and use the designs for a much lower price than they'd usually pay for something a lot worse – and that they can't see in advance.

Exclusive Templates.

After realising how much some people dislike other sites being able to use their design, many template sites started selling exclusive templates – ones that are only sold once, to one website, and then taken down. They found themselves with a runaway hit on their hands.

This way, designers are free to create something great, and customers can take it if they like it or look at hundreds of alternatives if they don't. It takes all the uncertainty and negotiation out at both ends, and leaves both the designer and the customer much happier than they would have been. Of course, if there is something small you want changed, most sites are happy to get the designer to do it for you for a small extra fee.

The choice is up to you on which path to take with designing your website. We hope this article has helped, good luck and happy designing.

Author of this article is Phil M.

How to Beat Competition in Affiliate Marketing

For all of you who are involved in affiliate marketing I have found one very interesting article which I want to share with visitors and readers of my blog. I hope you will find some interesting information about affiliate marketing which will help you to beat your competition.

People involved in Internet marketing and using the web for promoting and advertising their goods and services are well acquainted with affiliate marketing and the services provided by affiliate marketing networks. But if merchants/publishers keep certain fine points in mind, then they can utilise the services of online affiliate networks to their optimum advantage and emerge a winner despite cut-throat competition.

Awareness about affiliate marketing tools is extremely essential to plan your promotional/advertising strategy. Information about these tools is available on most online affiliate networks. Web page banners and web advertisements are examples of affiliate marketing tools. Secondly, a merchant needs have complete details about affiliate programmes that are being offered by affiliates and affiliate marketing networks. Comparison of rates across affiliates would be the right thing to do before zeroing in on a reliable programme. Online affiliate networks provide the platform where an advertiser can pick and choose from various registered affiliates.

The reputation and credibility of the affiliate company needs to be checked before striking a deal with it. Advertisers can conduct a background search on the company and determine its market reputation before agreeing to work with it.

Even after agreeing to work together, the merchants should constantly communicate with the affiliate to plan out marketing a promotional strategy. For the best of affiliate marketing services, partnership with a compatible affiliate is necessary. The plan should be such that both the enterprises are benefited with the association. Since it is the question of building a brand and promoting a business, hence it should be taken extremely seriously. Consulting an expert or affiliate marketing consultant would provide the necessary guidance to a affiliate marketing effort.

The most important point would be to follow the latest trends in affiliate marketing and keep abreast with current strategies. Adapting the promotional plan of action with the changing times will help merchants move with the pulse of the people, who could be their potential customer base. Affiliate Marketing Networks also act as information centers for all kinds of latest developments in this area.

As an important component of the search engine optimization industry, affiliate marketing is a powerful instrument, which if used with proper planning can be a path towards definite success.

Author of this article is Lalita Negi. She is currently sharing her expertise as a writer with ePurple Media.

How to Increase Your AdSense Revenue Stream

This is one more interesting article which I have found looking for the ways how to increase my Adsense revenue. I think this is informative and useful article for all of as who tray to increase our Adsense revenue.
Read it and I'm sure you will find something new that will help you increase your Adsense revenue.

Google's AdSense program is one of the best, if not the best, revenue programs for web site managers. While the program has certainly created wealth for many site owners, there are opportunities for you to increase your wealth if you follow these important strategies.

1. Increase Your Content. A small 8-10 page site can generate AdSense revenue particularly if the information is up to date and the site is well maintained. A better option: increase your site's size by at least tenfold and include AdSense ads on those pages as well. So, you're not a writer? Don't let that stop you! There are plenty of article submission sites on the internet which will allow for you to take their content and include it on your site as long as all the links listed within the article remain in place.

2. Experiment With Ad Placement. Ads that are clean, borderless and above the fold of the screen are certain to get noticed. Google has some wonderful tips on their site outlining the best strategies for ad placement; incorporate their suggestions and your revenue will increase.

3. Wrap Your Article. Your ads can appear right in the middle of your article [actually, to the left or to the right of it] and the text of the article will wrap around your ad. Guess what? Because Google does such a superb job of
serving relevant ads, your readers will notice that the ads served match your content. They will click for more information it they notice the ad.

4. Declutter Your Site. An overcrowded page will look too busy, distract your readers, and cause them to move on without clicking on your ads. Make your site as visually appealing as possible; use Verdana or Arial as your fonts, black or navy as the font colors, size your fonts appropriately. Have your ad match your page color, omit borders, and go for a clean look.

5. Use Channels. Google has this to say about channels:

Channels provide you with a way to view detailed reporting about the performance of your pages. By assigning a channel to any combination of pages, you can track a variety of metrics across your sites. Track your leaderboard performance versus the performance of your towers, or compare your motorcycle pages to your automobile pages, by assigning each group of pages to a specific channel and comparing results in your custom channel reports. You can even assign a channel to each of your separate domains, to see where your clicks are coming from.
Naturally, by utilizing channels you will learn the specific amount of income generated by each page and then be able to adjust your pages accordingly.

6. Include High Paying Keywords. Some keywords pay more than others, much more in fact. You may be generating steady income, but at a nickel or dime a click that does not translate into much money. Learn which words pay more and include content containing those words.

AdSense revenue can vary greatly from month to month and you will even hear stories of people making a living off of Adsense. You can, but you need to do plenty of work by building a site that is relevant, AdSense popular, and loaded with content.

Matthew Keegan is The Article Writer who writes on just about any and every issue imaginable. You can preview samples from his high performing site at

Monday, July 9, 2007

How to start and success with Adsense

Many of us tried to make some money with Google Adsense ads on our sites or blogs but very few really made success. This is very interesting article which will hopefully help you to get more from your Adsense ads.

You have heard or read about how easy you can earn or make online money through the integration of Google Adsense to you website. In fact, this is true, to add Google Adsense to your website is that easy, you just need to sign up a Google Adsense account and then add the small pieces of Google Adsense codes into your website; that's it, you can start earn money from Ad clicks.

In reality, this might happen to you and many of Adsense newbie:

"I have designed my website following the best guideline taught by many Adsense Gurus, why my website's impressions is still so low and click thru rate even lower. What's goes wrong? You ask with disappointment!" What has gone wrong? Yes, the root cause of low impressions to a website is always Traffic. Many Adsense marketers failed not because of their poor integration of Adsense to their website but because of fail to generate internet traffic to their website site.

If you website can generate 1000 or more internet traffic daily, integration of Adsense definitely will help you to earn a good money from Google. Adsense optimization will further increase the click thru rate and of course increase in your Adsense earning.

But, if your website site is new, not yet index by Google or you website has been on internet for some times and indexed by major search engines but is a PR0 (Page Rank 0) website, very likely not many internet surfers will know your website. There are millions of websites on internet, if your website can't be found, nobody will know you website, and regardless of how well your website is designed and optimized with Adsense, with no traffic, you gain nothing from it. Thus, to success in Adsense, internet traffic is the key.

The first thing you need to do after having an Adsense website is to make your website "Famous". You website will become "Famous" when Google think that your website is useful and many one-way links going to your website from other websites and internet surfers can find your website and visit it. A lot of efforts are needed to reach to this level.

Below are a few ways use by most of internet marketers to connect their website with internet surfers:

Press Announcement
If your marketing budget is allowed, online press announcement is a good way to tell people about the existence of you website. Although free press release services are available, but Press Release service with fee always bring best result. And making press releases are a good way to generate quality one-way incoming links to your website. This will help in SEO (Search Engines Optimization) as well. This method may bring you instant internet traffic but cost you quite a lot of money.

Buy one-way links
This might not be a good option because it normally cost you a lot, many services need monthly subscription fee.

Link Exchanges
Exchange the links with websites which have related fields to your website. Unrelated link exchanges will not help much.

Discussion Forum
Attend forums, post and reply messages on forum will get the forum members and forum's visitors to aware of your website. This method may need a lot of your time and efforts but the good thing is, It's Free.

Article Writing & Submission
"Article" has been recognized as internet #1 marketing strategy; it is the cheapest way among the top effective internet traffic generation methods. Writing & submission of articles are free if you can do it yourself. As long as you write your articles and submit them to hundreds of article directories around the net in regular basis, internet traffic will be generated to your website for sure.

But, you may have problem in writing an effective article which will drive the readers to click the links at your article and visit your website. Fortunately, there are many professional writers on the net who can provide the writing service for you. Use them if you need it.

Another but, article submission to hundreds of article directories may be very time consuming and tiring if you do it manually. Fortunately, things always go easy with a service. There are many article submission services around to help you; it will cost you a few dollars to submit your article to hundreds of articles directories easily. Use the one which will provide you report on which article directories they submit it and report you with status on each submission.

In conclusion, to start an Adsense website is very easy, but to make it "Famous" and known by internet surfers will need a lot of efforts. The key success of an Adsense website site is Traffic. Traffic generation is equally important to Adsense optimization. Don't overlook it!

This Article is written by Jenny Harvard

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Free CSS Template

It became my habit to visit some of the interesting sites while surfing the Net. These are sites that are offering high quality free CSS templates. Today I found an exceptional one I wish to share with all of you who are visiting my blog. It is a simple two column 100% XTML 1.0 Strict and CSS valid template with green and blue fluid header. It has a horizontal navigation bar in header area and vertical navigation bar in its right column. I strongly believe that you have to find it as simple and easy to customize as I did. I sincerely recommend it.
If you want to see and download this template click on the following link. FREE CSS TEMPLATE

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

SEO Friendly Business Website Template 004

Another Free CSS business website template is available for download on this blog. It is simple fixed width one column 100% CSS and XHTML 1.0 Strict valid template with gradient background and sliding doors style tabbed navigation in the header area of the template. Click here to download this SEO Friendly Business Website Template for free.
This template is very simple and easy to customize. Download this SEO Friendly Website Template for free and use as you wish. Only thing I ask is to leave link back to this blog in the footer area of the template intact.

Web 2.0 Templates