Friday, June 29, 2007

How To Earn More Money From AdSense Ads

I decided to publish an interesting and informative article on my blog.What makes it so is it s usefulness and help with making money with AdSense.

All credits for this article goes to Connie McKenzie.

Any web site owner or webmaster who is trying to earn a profit from their sites are likely familiar with Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is a great and easy way to make money from your site if it is done right. Adsense will allow any person with a blog or an informative site to earn money, simply by placing a little code on their site pages. Rather than trying to figure out exactly what ads to put on their web pages, Adsense gives web site owners the ability to concentrate on their sites content.

Many webmasters are able to make a living from Adsense, however, there are also quite a few who spend all their time just trying to figure out the "magic trick" used to earn from Google Adsense. Earning a living from Google Adsense ads, can seem difficult, but it's not impossible.

If Google Adsense is going to be your only source of income, you will want to do more than just taking some Adsense code and placing it on your site. That is just not enough; you will need to do some experimenting, with placements, formats and choice of keywords.

You really should take care to build your page around a specific topic or keyword that is relevant to your site concept. This will ensure that any Adsense ads which are placed on this page are appropriate and useful to any visitors who want to know more about the topic and they will more than likely end up clicking on the Adsense ad.

You will want to take care where you place your ads. It has been proven that visitors often first look to the top left of a website when they arrive. Because this is were your visitors attention is likely to first, it is going to be one place where you might want to consider placing some ads. You can read the Google help on the Adsense website to learn more about the best locations for placing your adverts.

Another consideration when placing your ads, is to put them on high traffic pages. You can identify the pages visited most on your site by taking a look at your logs or your Google account, where you will get the page-by-page details of your visitors.

Although the skyscraper and banner ads may look good on your site, you may want to avoid using them. Often times, banners are ignored. For example, have you clicked on any banners of sites that you have visited lately?

You will want to blend your Adsense ads into your web page by using the Adsense formats. Google supplies a variety of palettes allowing you to change font colors, borders and backgrounds. There really isn't much point in putting an ad on a page if it doesn't blend with your site.

A very important resource that many webmasters ignore is the Adsense preview tool. This tool will allow you to preview the ads that will go on each of your pages and gives you sample ads and formats. Here is where the destination of your ads can be checked, as well as, geo targeted locations.

Remain focused on what it is that you want to achieve. However busy you may be, you must take some time and experiment with your Adsense ads so that CTR can improve. No matter what the experts say, just follow the basics, that's the real magic to making more from Gooogle Adsense.

Learn more about Google Adsense and find out how you too can build a profitable online business and work from home, watch the free video at Build A Web Business

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Business Website Template 003

I have made one flexible width 100% css and xhtml 1.0 valid simple business website template with white background for you to download for free.Template has two column and horizontal navigation bar on the top. It is very simple business website template and is easy to customize for your needs. Click here to download business website template for free.
You just have to put your text and change images if you have your own images.
Download it and use as you wish only thing I ask is to leave link back to this blog in the footer area of the template intact.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What You Need to Know about Google AdSense

If you have a website which attracts decent number of hits every month, Google AdSense is probably a good revenue generation model for you and the below mentioned benefits should be effective to get you convinced:

Getting started is easy: It is difficult not to be convinced about the AdSense program, and you can start off quite easily with a single page form which requires basic information about the type of account you would like to have ( business or individual), website information, select product (AdSense for Content or AdSense for Search) and contact information. Login needs to be created simply with a valid and frequently accessed email address. All the information submitted is sent to Google for approval and on approval, you receive a link to fetch code from which you need to post on your website and you are ON!

Add a revenue stream to your business: Google AdSense provides an added revenue stream to your business which is very easy to set up and has a robust backend application which delivers the most relevant ads to the most relevant target group.

Immediate advertisers on your site: Since Google already operates a very successful AdWords program, where thousands of advertisers sign up, you get immediate advertisers who would like to be featured on your website. No sales or marketing is required by you to get advertisers at any stage.

Continuous Technology enhancement at no cost to you: Google research team spends thousands of man hours in improving the AdSense programme so that users are directed to the most relevant ads and all this is available to you with no cost.

Don't fret if you don't have a high viewer ship rate on your site: You can still earn via Google AdSense. You can feature the Google search box on your site and the subsequent page displayed with the search results has ads featured on them which can be your revenue generating AdSense Campaign.

No Junk ads displayed on your website: If you are concerned about displaying junk advertisements which might have no relevance to your website visitors, then Google AdSense is for you. Only relevant ads are displayed to users and that is picked by both the profile that you put together as well as the content on your website. A number of well defined filters work behind the AdSense programme allowing the application to be 'intelligent'.

Find Google ads a tad boring?: You are not the only one. Even Google engineers realize that the ads need some colour to them and you can add that to the display option. This does not eat into the users' bandwidth and yet displays using a good colour combination on the website.

Google also operates a premium program for webmaster for the AdSense program if your website is attracting more than twenty million page views and five million search queries per month and this is known as AdSense Premier.

AdSense is an easy program to understand and implement and has already provided a steady source of income for many net entrepreneurs! What are you waiting for?

Author of this article is Felix Adekola. He has a great free resource blog, containing different articles on adsense. Visit to find all the tools and resources you need to get started fast.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Simple Business Template 002

I have one new Business Website Template for you to download. Template is very simple with white background and two columns.
There is horizontal navigation bar on the top of the template and another navigation in the right column.
You can download this free business website template here.
Template is 100% CSS and XHTML 1.0 Strict valid and very easy to customize.
Download it and use as you wish only thing I ask is to leave link back to this blog in the footer area of the template intact.

How to Increase Your AdSense CTR

This morning while I was searching for something else I have found this article. I think it is interesting article so I want to share it with you.

Article by: Paul Hooper-Kelly

Would you like to make one tiny addition to your pages and dramatically increase your AdSense clicks — perhaps as much as threefold?

It’s laughingly simple, yet the effect can be immediate.

All you need is to get some colorful digital photographs, either from your own stock or from a royalty-free web site. Then using a graphics program, such, as Real Draw PRO or Photoshop, create a strip of four rectangular photographs with a space in between each. The overall size of the strip should be 728 pixels wide by about 108 pixels deep.

The content of the pictures should be relevant to the content of your web site. In order not to violate Google’s Terms Of Service, you should avoid pictures that are animated, advertisements or induce the visitor to click on the AdSense ads. If you are in any doubt, take a look at the ads on my web site or check with Google’s Terms Of Service.

The background color should exactly match the color of your AdSense pages. It helps if you can place a narrow blue border around the individual photo (but not around the entire strip). This arrangement is ideal for a page containing an article and the best position within the page for the picture strip is at the top of the page, immediately below the page headline, but above the start of the body text.

Once you have done this, go to your Google AdSense advert codes and select the one for leaderboard, which is 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels deep. If the 728 pixel width sounds vaguely familiar, it’s the exact size of the width of your picture strip. Make sure you delete Google’s border code before pasting your leaderboard code under the picture strip, save the page and load it to your server and start enjoying up to three times the clicks on that style of ad.

If you already have the maximum number of three AdSense blocks on the pages, where you insert this picture strip/leaderboard combo, do be sure to delete one of the existing ad groups, so you don’t violate Google’s Terms Of Service, which only allow three ad blocks per page.

About The Author

Copyright 2006 Paul Hooper-Kelly and

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Website Template 001

I have designed one xhtml 1.0 strict and css valid template today. It is simple two column template with horizontal navigation bar on the top of the left column and vertical navigation in the right column.
Template is easy to customize.
Download free business website template here.
Template is free to use but you must leave link to this blog in the footer area of the template intact.
I hope that you will find this template useful.

Monday, June 4, 2007

CSS Book

I have been away for a couple of days. While on kind of short vacation I have find and buy very nice book "CSS Mastery". Well ... I thought that I have decent knowledge of CSS but after just a couple of pages of this book I find out that there is so many holes in my CSS knowledge. (I'm designing in CSS for let say year and a half.) My advice for everyone who is using CSS to design web pages is to read this book. There is so many useful advices and a lot of good examples so I think reading this book will help to everyone no matter if they are beginners or advanced CSS web designers.

Web 2.0 Templates