Monday, December 31, 2007

ADSENSE TIPS - Basic Idea To Increase Adsense Profits

This article contains a couple of basic AdSense tips every AdSense Publisher should know about.

Author of this article is: Shawn Lim

BASIC IDEA TO INCREASE ADSENSE PROFITS Before you start making money from Adsense, there are a few basics idea that you need to know and apply them so that your Adsense CTR will increase (if you're new in Adsense, then you might read about Adsense Terminology here). These are no big secrets, they are just some free tips that you will need in order to boost your Adsense revenue. So don't get fooled and pay for these tips here.

1. Use large rectanlge block for your Adsense ads in your website or blog. This large rectangle block ads has ben proven to be the most effective type of ads and generate the most CTR. Therefore if you're not using this then your're not maximizing your Adsense profits.2. Blend your Adsense ads layout and colour to match with your website or blog's background colour. Use the same colour for both your website template and ads. This is to avoid your ads for being too attractive in your site, so that 'ads blind' visitors may click on them.3. As for your Adsense ads link title, you can change the colour to be the same with your post title. Make it looks like it is one of your posts. You can use blue colour for your ads link title too, this is because blue colour indicates link in most websites.4. Don't put all of your eggs in a single basket. This also means that the more websites or blgos you have, the better. If you want to concentrate just in a single website or blog, it will be fine, but you will need huge amount of traffic to generate big money for Adsense. For example, you can have a site that generate $25, or do you want to have 10 sites that generate $5 each site. Sometimes quanity does plays an important role.5. There is no need for you to write your own original content, you can use other people's content which are ranked high in search engines. However, you must do this correctly or else you'll get banned by search engines.These are just a few basic tips that you need to know. These basic ideas definately will help your increase your Adsense profit, but they will not separate you from others, they will only help you start you to get started. These are no secrets, so spend on the information that everyone had known.

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