Monday, March 17, 2008

How Search Engine Optimization Expert Depend On Google Update

The latest update of Google dubbed "Jagger," and is causing great difficulty for the owners of Web sites around the world. As with most updates to Google there is an initial period of movement in the rankings. This can be and is often quickly followed by a cavernous empty feeling in the pit of your stomach.

However, before thinking about panic and jumping from a tall building, firing or your local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert, take a deep breath and remember this is normal and natural, the dust will settle. Google updates last time from 1 day to 8 weeks depending on the size of the update can be. With an estimated 16-24 billion Web pages in its database, is it surprising to take these updates as long as they do? White Hat SEO is sharp some usefull seo tips about

During that time to update the Web site owners will see their search engine results vary from day to day (if not hourly), sometimes with wild swings in both directions. Do not Fret! For the same sentence key to the ranking of results is down 1 to 100, or vice versa (cross your fingers).

In any case do not become too attached to these results, they will change. One way to put your fears at ease during this transition period is to check your Google Page Rank (PR) and see if it has moved too. If it stayed the same then you can be relatively sure of the key phrases will rebound. However, if your PR has decreased as well as your keyword rankings then it might be time to look more closely to see what happens. If you are not familiar with obtaining a Google PR please use the link below for a system to monitor online:

Google will update the page in their rankings a few times a year, depending on where you are either a blessing or a long wait unbearable. This time lag, however, do a pretty good barometer with which to gauge your site. As with most aspects of the SEO can change without notice or logic.

With the evolution multitude of factors contributing to elusive Google ranking algorithm rest assured that if your site has undergone a lower rank, the same is true of millions of other Web site owners. Granted this does not really help you sleep at night, that is what is Ambian, but he did confirm that you, and by you I mean that we are not doing anything wrong with this site. Just wait and watch, once the update is completed and the dust had settled, we can see where we are, SEO adjust our plans accordingly, and to continue the domination keyphrases win!

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