Thursday, April 17, 2008

The War Between Google Adwords and Google Free Traffic

Adwords -vs- Free Traffic

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A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a site that advertised free website traffic. As you might have guessed my first thought was yeah sure, and what’s the catch. As I begin to read the article, there were several things that got my attention. One of the first things that got my attention was what I was reading on the subject of Adwords. The author of the article made this glaring statement “people are making Google money, no, lots of money with run away Adword accounts.” He was basically SHOUTING we are giving Google all of our cash, while we earn a pittance for an income. And I ask you What is wrong with this picture?

What gave this statement so much authority was not so much of what I have heard over the years as what a fellow marketer from a program where “a certain guy” tells all, wrote me four days prior to reading this articlet about free traffic. And this guy was on a limited income. This is what he says: “Larry, I did try to get my Marketing /Advertising in place by using Google Adwords (pay per click) to market my website as instructed in the program.

Using Google Adwords however is not as simple or anywhere near as cost effective as K's System leads you to believe... If you CAN get it right it can work for you... However it takes a lot of trial and error to get the correct combination of " KEYWORDS and COST/PER CLICK " to make it work without costing a small fortune as I found out.”

You did get that, didn’t you? “Without costing a small fortune.” This is the very thing I was reading about in this article, and I am hearing HELLO! loud and clear here. It isn’t like I haven’t heard it all before, but somehow it was like a light bulb going on at mach speed and flooding my brian with the news.

So one has to ask themselves, what’s the real skinny here? Can you really make out with adwords without it costing you a small fortune as some say? Then what about free traffic? Does anyone ever get anything for free, I mean really for free?

Having some experience with SEO, being a webmaster and network administrator a few years back my first thought was this is probably just about SEO. I was wrong. In fact I was almost entirely wrong about what I thought this guy was trying to sell me on. I hate admitting I am wrong, as do most of us, but I was dead wrong. Not only was I wrong, I had many things to think about after purchasing and reading the e-book this guy was selling.

There was something else he said that got my attention and that was this: “After I got this down right, I closed my Adwords account.” Then he dared me to do a search in Google to where one of his sites is number 1 and click on that link once, and double dared me to do it a thousand times, why? It wasn’t going to cost him a cotton picken penny. That’s right, not one red cent.
You know what? Not only was he right, he is getting free traffic from Google and the other search engines. The best part is he is more than happy to show us how he does it. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather get my traffic for free! And guess what the good news is? You can get this information for a whole lot less than what a Google Adwords campaign will cost you and a whole lot less than a night out on the town would cost you.

The Internet is a fascinating entity particularly the area of marketing, with many ever changing faces. Those changes faces intrigue me, giving me reason to study trends and ways to earn and save money. My motto is to pass on valuable info to those who's interest is in making and saving money.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising - How to Get Success

PPC advertising is an internet marketing method which generates instant traffic to your website. However, unlike Search Engine Optimization, pay per click advertising requires investment without being able to guarantee a return. Visitors may click on your site but this does not mean an automatic sale, order or lead. PPC campaigns require focus, attention and need to be regularly monitored to stay effective.

PPC started in the year 1998 by, a 25 employee startup company (later Overture, now part of Yahoo).However, Pay Per Click Advertising was only introduced in 2002, until then, advertisements were charged at cost per thousand (CPM) but Yahoo Advertisements have always been PPC, since its introduction in 1998. Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Ad Center are the largest operators in PPC advertising.

PPC advertising on search engines allows you choose keywords you would like your site to appear when a search is done. You decide how much you are want to pay each time a person clicks on the search results that is ad copy. The more you are willing to pay per click, the higher your site will appear in the results for the keywords you choose.

According to a recent US study, web searchers will not click on a search engine's results beyond page number three and 66% of users in the study clicked on sites listed on page number one only. Based on this research it is worth doing PPC besides other popular internet marketing methods like SEO, Article Marketing, Social Bookmaking and Affiliate Marketing.

Why Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Instant Results - No need to wait for your product or service to reach the user review. Immediate Traffic to your website.
Economical - It is economical as compared with other traditional advertising techniques.
Ideal for Testing Market - Pay Per Click is Ideal for short term advertisement campaigns. We can test the user reaction on particular products or services with immediate results.
Return On Investment - It can provide immediate return on Investment especially if your website is processing business or sales online.
Extremely Flexible - Its easy to adjust, add, delete or edit your keywords and copy, target geographic locations and set timings of appearing of your ad copy.
Avoid Unnecessary Keywords - For those keywords which you do not want your adcopy to get appear & hence clicked can be avoided by using negative keywords.
Total Control - In PPC Campaigns, the steering wheel is totally in your hands i.e you decide the daily budget, keywords, adcopy ( tile, description, URL) .

Some Basic Tips for Pay Per Click Campaigns:

Make a sensible budget for your PPC advertising campaign. Spend per click must be less than profit per click. Cost Per Acquisition/Lead/Sale must be kept in mind. Once the campaign has been launched, the number of leads or sales generated can be reviewed to ensure the campaign is going on the right track.
Make separate Ad Groups & ad copies for particular set of keywords.
Bid & Position for keywords & ad copies must be monitored on regular basis.
Choose specific keywords relevant with your website. Broad and non-specific terms must be avoided.

Besides the Benefits...Some Drawbacks of PPC

Junk Traffic sent to your website via some less known Search Engines and Click Fraud are the major drawbacks in Pay Per Click Advertising. It does not offer you discount if your site gets more traffic i.e Cost Per Click will remain the same. Advertising Budget must be agreed and bid price per keyword must be confirmed so bid wars are avoided and you don't go over budget.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Making Money Online With Website designing

As the years passed by, website designing, its definition and its presentation all have substantial changed. There are several new software like flash, 3D and Photoshop that had been developed and new technologies, such as broadband, to stay as a backup of these software are emerged. In contrast, people have altered the way of screening online information. So the life of the website designing brings along with it a hope of contact with content data and present web designs are all become an element of web designer’s work. Anyhow the basics principles of any website design are yet remain the same. Further it is usual; a website has to be easy to use and should have the capability to keep a viewer to remain enthusiastic to your website as long as necessary. On the other hand, a website designing could be favor you more than your pastime and interest.

There are few best approaches that one could accept if looking to make money online by websites. You can preferably focus on a few websites that could get you reasonable income or one solitary website, which can act as your "bread and butter". Actually, whichever technique you choose it certain to make money. For a novice that trying to make money online by website designing can also be a little irresistible, however if in progress and stay focused then no one can stop your cash flow. So one of the most excellent examples, which could be given is to get started your own auction website design.

When it comes to auction website design, the initial thing could come to anybody’s mind is the auction site called eBay. But why do people admire eBay? The answer is actually simple, it is because of the profession website designed and easy to use and it does not require a rocket scientist to navigate the pages. Today, eBay auction website stands out of other websites and stay the most reliable internet resource for getting what you desire. So here the final point is to come up with your own auction website design like how eBay did and permit users to purchase and sell products through your site. You have to be a foundation for what people wish to purchase and sell.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Website Designing: The Accessibility Factor

Today when there is a sea full of websites all over the web world it becomes extremely difficult to sustain a considerable amount of traffic to the site. This threat appears like a killer for any website owner. In order to overcome this threat what websites really need to do is create super duper web presences for themselves. This web presence can be created right from the website designing process itself.

The question now arises why emphasize on presence when you are already there in the web. Even though your website is there it is important to make it accessible to the users because until your website is accessible no user will spend time on your website. This will appear to be a great loss to your business since websites are the most important tool of communication between you and your users and the accessibility of the website is the most essential factor that can keep them glued to your services.

The accessibility factor of a website depends a lot on the user end also. It is possible that your end user is not being able to view your audio or video content because their system does not support such high end services. It is thus advised that web designers keep this factor in mind while doing website designing for a site. It is true that video and audio inputs make the website more attractive and happening, but what is the use of having attraction when essential content itself is being restricted.

Make sure that your website follows a proper style sheet while drawing the HTML format of the website. Though styling and colouring of the website is important and essential to make it look expressive and attractive it is equally important to make sure that the tags that are used on the HTML are properly closed. Even if a single tag is misplaced, the internet will not be able to read your webpage.

In order to make your webpage accessible, it is important that you use them appropriately. Make use of diagrams and tables too. It is not necessary that the diagrams and tables be for decorative use only, you can also use them as a medium to add additional information which will attract the user’s attention more than otherwise.

When a user comes into your website, the first thing they notice about you is the nature, whether you are welcoming or not. Yes a welcoming website can be distinguished from an unwelcoming website from their navigation. A broadly expanded and open navigation is an ideal situation which is most used by welcoming websites. User friendly navigation is the best technique of retaining your clientele using simple website designing.

Naman Jain is an expert in Internet marketing, presently working with Rupiz Media, one of the leading internet marketing company, offering online marketing services, SEO services, email marketing and search engine marketing over the globe.

Affiliate Marketing for the Beginners

Those who dabble with online marketing or want to get into this very lucrative industry might have come across the concept of affiliate marketing. Basically, affiliate marketing is a form of online promotion where the ads of one business is published on another site that enjoys good traffic inflow and is not related or owned by the business, the ads of which are being published.

Before we get on to more about affiliate marketing, let us clear some of the basic terminologies -

A Merchant is one whose ads are getting published. A merchant is usually one who owns a business or has something to sell or promote. He / she can place an ad for different reasons - for selling or promoting his goods or services, for collecting important data, for leads generation or for getting feedback on his services.

An Affiliate, on the other hand, is one who owns the site where the ads of the merchants get published. Usually an affiliate's site is one that enjoys a reasonably good number of visitors regularly.

Affiliate marketing is a performance driven concept where a merchant has to pay only when a defined goal is accomplished. This goal can be anything that a merchant has to get done, for example getting conversions, accumulating data, leads generation, getting feedback or anything at all. It is when this goal gets accomplished, the merchant pays the affiliate that has brought in the visitor from his site. The amount is fixed at the time of commencement of program.

Affiliate marketing has a lot of benefits for both the merchants as well as the affiliates. For merchants, this reduces the amount that has to be invested for promotion purposes and it also gives more returns on investment. It can also be fruitfully used to get qualified leads or for conversion of visitors into customers.

It is a good money making option for an affiliate since there is no investment or any cost involved. And the affiliate can simply earn by monetizing the web traffic that comes to the site owned by the affiliate. Each time a visitor clicks on an ad shown on his site, the visitor is taken to the destination site of the ad (the merchant's site) where the visitor may perform the activity that has been defined by the merchant. On successfully doing that, the affiliate gets paid a fixed amount by the merchant.

Hence, affiliate marketing is a win-win situation for both the affiliates as well as the merchants and therefore it has gained a lot of popularity from the time of its conceptualization.

About the Author- Naman Jain is an expert in Internet marketing, presently working with Rupiz Media, one of the leading internet marketing company, offering online marketing services, SEO services, web application development and search engine marketing over the globe.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Does Size Really Matter? Global Domains International Thinks So.

Need a web site? What kind? How big? What do you want to do with it? These are some of the questions you should consider and research before even setting a web site up. We'll give you a few tips here to help you make a more informed choice.

What's In a Domain Name and How Important Are They To You?

A domain name is a web site address and can be used only once. They are usually made up of words or letters so they are easier to remember and can be more relevant to a person or business. Extensions are the codes at the end of a domain name. The extensions signify which country the domain name belongs to, i.e., .ws belongs to Samoa and .us belongs to the United States.

Getting just the right domain name may be important to you if you need recognition for a product, service, event or your own name. In this case, you may want a web site name with a .ws extension, because you may more likely find just the name you're looking for. Dot com and dot net still have some names available, but many of them have been used up after the dot com boom of the late 1990's.

Domain names can also be more important to you if you want a domain name that relates to something you know is being searched for on the Internet and if you want to be found when people are searching for that name or keyword. Some of the larger search engines like MSN and Google still give a higher ranking faster to a web site that has the keyword being searched for - in the web site or domain name address. If a this is important to you, it might be a good idea to find out what is being searched for on the Internet that relates to the domain name you have in mind before you choose one.

Handy keyword tools that can help you do this can be found at and . Just put a word or phrase related to the domain name you have in mind into the search box window. They will search all the related terms that were searched for last month on the Internet, and tell you how many times they were searched for. These tools can also identify related keywords you can use for your web site title and on your web site pages that will help you achieve higher rankings in the Internet search engines for those keywords, but this is a whole other topic reserved for a later discussion.

Think About How You Want To Use Your Web Site...

What would you do with a web site? Teach? Show and tell? Make money? Build an email list? Have fun? There are so many options on the Internet today, that it could be mind boggling to a newbie. Doing a little research on the Internet before setting a web site up is a very good idea. It will help you become familiar with all the different web site options and features available so you can make a better choice before you get started.

Some of the things you'll need to consider before setting up a web site are:

Q: What do you want the web site to accomplish?

A: Teach? Show and tell? Make money? Build an email list? Have fun?

Q: How many pages will you need - 3, 5, 10 or more pages?

A: Some web sites limit the number of pages or bandwidth available.

Q: How much should you pay per month?

A: This can vary from usually $3.95 to $100 or more, depending on available features.

Q: What is disk space?

A: How much space is available for your web site words, pictures, reviews, etc.

Q: What is bandwidth?

A: How many times and how many people can access your site during a period.

Q: What is down time?

A: How reliable is the server that your web site is on?

Q: What is security and do you need it?

A: Yes. Protection from hackers. Secure service available for your customers.

Does Size Really Matter?

As you can see, there are many things to consider before setting up a web site, but making the right choices up front can save you much time, effort and headache in the long run. If you set up a web site on a server that only allows 5 pages of space, and you find you need more down the road, you would need to move your web site and domain name to a new server, which could be quite involved. It may be easier for you to make a better choice up front if you have all the options available to you ahead of time. A suggestion would be to type into your search box window top 10 hosting or best hosting to get more information to help you make the right choice before setting up a web site.

Bottom line, investigate your options and be prepared. Size really does matter.

About the Author
Global Domains International is an online business opportunity that offers many unique features, including making the sales for you. You may read an in-depth article and learn more by going to . DMarie Holtz, the author, has a B.S. in business and 10 years experience marketing online.

Adsense Web Tool: Increasing Your Adsense Revenues Starting Today!

There was an individual named Joel Comn who once making only $30 daily with Adsense, a program where it allows you to make money when visitors of your site are clicking on the advertising links that are placed in the host’s website. Until one day, he decides to have a try of other ways of increasing his Adsense earning.

After he had used several Adsense tools, Joel doubled his commission from $30 to $60 daily. But would you believe that his commission actually sky-rocketed for more than $500 per day? His earnings climbed up, making it $18,343 last December 2004 and it is quite possibly that his revenues may keep climbing after that period. It sounds impossible, but an individual have done it.

Adsense Basics

Joel Comn is now one of the successful Internet marketers that derive some of their revenues through the Adsense program. But you need to keep in mind that you can not earn as much as $18,000 per month if you will just allow Adsense to place its ads on your website. There are things you need to consider in order to make as much money as Joel did.

You need to apply for an Adsense account. Remember that you must be investing in your own domain so that your application will not be rejected. Make sure that your site’s contents are organized and be viewed as professional.

After your site has been accepted, Adsense will give you a code that you will place on your website, enabling them to start placing ads on your site that are with relevance to its content. For instance, if your site is about air-conditioning, Adsense might place ads that deal with different kinds and models of air-conditioning equipment.

Adsense Web Tool

Part of Adsense program is the use of Adwords, or relevant words that is integrated with Adsense advertisement. In order to attract more visitors that are generating impressions or “clicks” to the ads in your site, you must let Adsense know what Adwords are relevant and related to the contents of your webpage. In this case, the Adsense Web Tool can help you.

Adsense Web Tools provide you with Adsense HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) ad code to place on the web pages which you want to display the ads. The Adwords that will be generated using the Web Tool are based on the keyword analysis, word frequency, and the overall link structure of the web. Adsense will have an idea what your webpage is all about, and it can precisely match the advertisement on each page.

Maybe you will wonder how Adsense know what appropriate Adwords needs to be displayed in your site. If Adsense has spidered your site, it automatically knows what Adwords are to be displayed in your site. However, if your site has not spidered yet, Adsense makes use of your site’s URL first to decide what Adwords are appropriate. This is where your own domain will be important. You must invest on your own domain. Keep in mind that it has a significant impact on your Adsense revenues.

It is important that you make use of Adsense Web Tool so that you can maximize your possible earnings with Adsense. Do not rely alone on the displayed ads. Remember that you need to make it “clickable” to every Internet user that will visit your site. Start right and earn as much as $18,000 a month through Adsense!

About the Author:

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Register A Domain Name - How People Make Money Off Of You

It seems everyone is trying to give you some free advice on how to register a domain name. That's because registering domain names is big business and we all want a slice of the pie.
But, make sure you do your homework before you register that domain name because once you've signed up, you can't get a refund. (Registrars may give you a refund on the web hosting package, but you'll never get the price of the domain name back.)
If you understand a little bit about how people make money selling domain names, you'll be able to take our information with a grain of salt. Here are three levels of people who make money off of domain names:
1. Large companies like GoDaddy or NetWork Solutions are Domain Name Registrars. They make money by registering the domain name for you. (You can't register a domain name by yourself. It has to be done through a registrar.) Domain names cost anywhere between $2.99 to $34.99 per year. If someone tells you it doesn't matter where you buy your domain name from, don't believe it. Different registrars offer different features and you need to find out what you get before you buy.
2. Smaller domain registrars might be domain name resellers. If you've ever seen a domain name registrar website that looked an awful lot like another company, it might be because one is a domain name resellers. You can make big bucks as a domain name reseller. Basically, they buy a whole bunch of domain names from the big companies at wholesale cost and then they resell the domain names to you.
3. People like me. We make money on commission by referring people to the big companies. It doesn't affect the price that you have to pay - that's set by the registrars. Our business model is to give out advice based on our personal experiences. People check out the registrars that we recommend, and if they decide to buy, then we get a cut of the action.
So, now you know. The reason why everyone is offering you free advice about registering a domain name is because, ultimately, we want you to use our links when you go to the registrar so that we get a referral fee.
Bottom Line: Search through the internet for information and reviews about domain name registrars and web hosts. Read things with a critical eye. Don't believe everything at face value. And, make sure you check out a few different sources.
When you're ready to register a domain name, just click on one of those companies that you've been reading about and buy your online property.
But, don't forget - you can't get a refund on a domain name registration. Buyer Beware!

Article By: Mark Shin

If you're ready to register domain names, we're here to help at where you'll find this information and everything else you need to know in order to find information about absolutely free domain names.

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Adsense Tips That Double Affiliate Earnings

Most of us would love to double our Adsense earnings. It doesn’t take long to learn that Google uses a sliding scale, so a $10 keyword that promised to pay $1 to the affiliate only pays $.05.

Many affiliate marketers, especially work at home professionals, assume that affiliate marketing is a scam and quit. Unfortunately, affiliate marketing through Google or Yahoo is not a scam. It is the marketer’s ignorance that is costing them money.

No matter what type of internet business a person operates, most will include affiliate marketing to a greater or lesser degree. Many businesses consider affiliate income as passive income, but they remain frustrated by the lack of success.

How Earnings are Calculated

Many factors are involved when calculating the affiliate’s earnings. Page rank, hits, inbound links, and Page Rank are all important. However, the search engines also track how many people click and compare it to how many people remain at the site for more than 30 seconds.

Ad Appearance

The effectiveness of an ad depends on its appearance. Adds that mimic a link bar on a webpage will do better than ones that appear to be advertisements.

This is why Google allows web publishers a wide variety of layouts and color combinations.

Many affiliate marketers tell small business owners to post three, four, or even five bars of Affiliate links. This rarely works. Instead, it can make the visitor feel like they’ve hit a MFA (Made For AdSense) spam site. In most cases, visitors just leave.


You’ve all heard it – Content is King. Many people mistake this to mean that content attracts search engines – not true.
Content, and meta tags, determine what ads appear on a site. A web page that is not doing well can be improved, dramatically, by altering the keywords to attract sites which have good products to sell at an affordable price.

The keywords in an article rarely effects search engine rank in today’s SEO world. However, they are 100% effective in controlling the ads that appear on a web page.

Know the Ads

NEVER click an ad on your website. However, you can read the URL and go visit the site. What are they selling? Is it a good product? Do you know how to write an article that can ‘pre sell’ the product? Can your article ad value to the product? All of these questions will play a vital roll in the difference between the number of the ‘click through’ from your site and the number of ‘decisions to buy.’

There is nothing wrong with manipulating the ads that appear on your web page. If too many of those ads lead to ‘Hard Sell’ pages then change the keywords and topic of the page to attract something more ‘user friendly.’

AdSense Analytics

All business owners need to familiarize themselves with web analytics. AdSense has its own analytics program. Keep an eye on the pages, which ones work, which ones don’t, and which ads pay best. When you target an ad that earns a high affiliate payout then create more pages that attract that ad.

It is easy to track hits and traffic by creating ‘channels’ in the AdSense program.

Reversed AdSense

Don’t forget to improve your PPC campaigns success by using this advice in reverse. One thing that many small businesses often overlook in their Pay Per Click programs is the websites where their ads appear. If the ad appears on too many Made For AdSense pages, or the Return On Investment is low. Take a look at the sites where you want the ads to appear.

Use your browser’s ‘view’ button and look at the page’s ‘source code.’ The meta information may give a few insights to how the ads are placed. Sometimes a PPC campaigns success can be increased simply by changing one keyword, or a single word in the ad.

About The Author

Mark Walters is a third generation entrepreneur and author. He offers free training and investing videos designed to speed you towards financial independence at

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How to Create a MySpace Layout

MySpace by far is one of the most famous and spectacularly popular social networking site and blogging entertainment and almost everything rolled into one. It still remains on top of the Google search engines too. They have very customizable screens. How this works is, we have a login account created with the help of an email ID. Then we customize our pages and put in whatever we feel we need to show the world to, whichever content we feel is good enough to be put in.
Any body logging will have to create a Myspace layout so that the content is displayed in a desired manner by the web page.

Steps To Create Myspace Layout:

. First create an account
. Login to your pages and add some content, blogs etc which ever you feel like.
. Then go to Profile Editor and click on the Edit tab.
. Now we can see variety of options including Background images, layouts, Images to be added, space for text etc.
. Now we can use whatever is currently in resource in Myspace, tabulations, color etc.
. After selecting whatever we need we can save the settings.
. Whenever someone or we login to our screen to check what we are displaying the layout will have been what we selected in profile editor.

Not only these but in internet we have lots many Myspace Layouts and which individual programmers or free layouts created by websites are available. We can use them to upload to our login. It's as simple as that.

About the author
Jack Dalton is a writer for the Tech FAQ. Visit the Tech FAQ find to answers like What are MySpace Layouts? and How do I Create my own MySpace Layout?

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