Friday, September 21, 2007

42 Points to Make More Money With Adsense

1. Remember: Adsense doesn't make you money; traffic makes you money
2. Write posts that link to good content on higher-ranked sites in your niche. If your traffic is low, click on those links yourself - webmasters will take notice.
3. Post on forums in your niche and add your site to your signature
4. Submit articles to article directories
5. Use Technorati Tags
6. Submit your best articles to Digg and
7. Comment on other blogs with similar themes to yours
8. Become a regular on several similarly-themed blogs you like
9. Use Google Sitemaps
10. Write about well-known people in your niche
11. Use a blogroll, but only add sites that you would really recommend. Less is more.
12. Read Gogsense
13. Remember: Good content + good advertising = traffic
14. Choose a niche you’re passionate about
15. Post/write an article/add content every day
16. Make your content unique and useful
17. Be timely: break news, comment on new information, become a valuable source of interesting new stuff
18. Be yourself. If you’re funny, be funny; if you’re not, don’t try to be. Be confident that your personality will draw like-minded readers.
19. If you can’t think of anything interesting to post about, find something interesting to post about.
20. If you can’t find anything interesting to post about, keep looking.
21. You just read something interesting that has nothing to do with your site’s theme. Find a way to make it relevant. Use it as an example or integrate it into a story. Use it.
22. Read Copyblogger, and Problogger
23. Remember: Traffic + Adsense = Money - So don’t get kicked out
24. Read the Adsense TOS and don’t break it
25. While you’re at it, read all the Adsense guides Google provides
26. Do NOT encourage readers to click Adsense ads
27. If you’re placing a picture specifically to subtly draw attention to Adsense Ads, make sure the ads are clearly distinguished from the image (borders or a line between the two)
28. If you’re unsure if your ads comply with the Adsense TOS, ask them for a review
29. Better yet, design your ad concept on a hidden page and have Google review it first
30. Remember: Traffic + Adsense optimization = More Money
31. Study the Google Heat map
32. Place site-relevant pictures near your ads
33. Color images are often better than black-and-white
34. Animations are lame
35. Integrate your ads with your site design
36. Place ads between blog posts
37. Place ads in blog posts
38. Consider borderless Adsense ads
39. Use wide ad formats
40. Be Patient: Time, trial and error are what you need to succeed
41. Give your Adsense implementation a few weeks (at least) before drawing any conclusions
42. Use channels. You are going to want to know which ads are being clicked and which aren't.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Free Business Website Template 010

One more free CSS template is available for download on this blog.
This template is 100% XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS Valid. Template has two column with horizontal navigation bar on the top of the right column and vertical navigation bar in the left column. Tableless CSS Contact form is also in the left column.
Template is SEO friendly, simple and easy to customize.
You can download and use this template as you wish only thing I ask is to leave link back to this blog in the footer area of the template intact.

Click here to download this free CSS template.

Working with Web Site Templates

The quickest way to get your own site online is to use a web site template. You will find however that these come in varying qualities.

You basically have a choice of free or premium templates and the difference in quality can be extreme.

Free templates

Carrying out a quick search for 'free web site templates' in Google returns over 129 million results. It is important to realise however, that almost any template you get for free is either going to be very amateurish or there will probably be some annoying conditions of use. These may include having to link back to the designer's web page from your site, adverts that you cannot delete or restrictions such as not being able to use the design commercially.

If you're really set on getting a free template however, a better way of doing it is to use the ones that come free say, from your hosting provider or HTML editing program. Alternatively you could look at the world of blogs. WordPress for instance, has some very good looking, functional templates.

One last point – do not expect to have a unique site if you use free templates. There are likely to be literally hundreds of other sites online that found the same free template that you did.

Premium templates

Things start to look up when you investigate the realm of premium templates. The idea behind these is that a team of professional designers are paid to produce quality templates that are sold many times over thus enabling the supplier to offer them at a low cost. Much like you would buy wallpaper.

This has benefits for both customers and designers alike. Designers can do what they do best – designing good looking web site templates and not have the distraction of dealing directly with customers. Customers on the other hand get a professionally designed site, speedy service, can see the goods straight away and don’t have to pay expensive daily rates for unique designs. In fact most template shops offer instant download following purchase.

The only drawback from the customers point of view is that their particular design will not be unique, although in practice, this isn’t really a problem due to the sheer number of sites on the web.

Exclusive Templates

If you really want exclusivity most resellers will offer you a separate price to purchase the template as a unique design. Once sold to you the template is immediately withdrawn from sale.

The best template shops offer you a bespoke design service. This typically takes the form of buying one of their templates on a regular or exclusive basis following which you can ask their designers to make alterations to the template. This is to tailor it more to your specific needs which also has the desirable effect of achieving exclusivity at the same time. This is a very cost effective method of web site design.

Author of this article is Trevor Sadowski. Trevor has been building web sites for a couple of years now and has tried various methods to speed up the process. In order to help others Trevor has created a site that offers help and advice on how to build a web site as well as offering free and premium templates of the best quality, free graphics, buttons and other web site components.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Best Website Traffic Is Free Website Traffic

Are you looking to generate more website traffic to you site? If you are the internet has a variety of available options and some are even free. Yes free and we all know that the best website traffic is free website traffic.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many companies willing to take your money in order to try and increase the traffic to your site. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, that may be just what you’re looking for. If you do have the time to learn, the best way to go is to generate traffic to your site for much, much less or even free.

One of the current trends in generating traffic to websites is with a blog. Most successful business sites have a blog and it is becoming a necessity for successful online businesses. In some cases business even hire writers to generate unique content for the blog. The blog can show clients a small taste of what your company has to offer so keep it interesting.

Search engine optimization is another way to get free traffic to your site. You will need to know how they work so you might have to study up. If you are willing to do some experimenting, you may not need to hire an expert. Optimize your site so the search engines can easily see what is there. Add fresh and interesting content so the web community finds value in your site. This should generate links to your site and to get additional links, get listed in quality web directories.

If you want free traffic to your website you need to have a good site with relevant and unique content. Your site should be easy to use and navigate while providing unique content for visitors. If your site is not attractive to visitors, no one is going to visit more than once. Provide a good site with good content and a good product. Generate links to your site for visitors to find you, your traffic will climb and with it the success of your website.

Some links to your site will come naturally if your site has good content. Most businesses augment those natural links with well placed links in quality directories. Quality directories market to bring traffic to their sites. That traffic can easily search the categories to find the exact business they are looking for and follow the link to your site. Marketing online is about giving potential clients as many paths to your website as possible so they can find you.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Google AdSense – A Massive And Passive Income?

This article show you some of adventages and disadventages of having google Adsense ads on your website.
I think article is interesting and informative.

You may have seen "sponsored by Gooooogle" on many websites that you've looked at. This is Google AdSense - a simple way for website owners to display Google Ads on their website and earn money for each advert clicked on. Ads are targetted to the content of the page they are displayed on, so visitors to your page are more likely to want to follow those adverts. You can also use Google Search linked into Adsense on your site, so when a visitor carries out a search, search-related ads are also shown.

Obviously the best way to make money from AdSense is to have a site with lots of content. And you're looking at the best method right now! Free reprint article directories such as this one are a fantastic source of fresh content for your website, and simple to insert. Just a few articles a week soon builds up into a huge targetted-content website.


(1) Adverts are targetted to each page so you know the adverts will be related to your content.

(2) You make money per advert clicked on.

(3) Anyone with a website of "reasonable content" can join the AdSense Program.

(4) Google gives you the code and plenty of customisation options (ad sizes and colours), making it really easy to put AdSense on your website.

(5) Free to generate new content – just leave the resource boxes hyperlinked and intact.


(1) You can only prevent adverts from specific websites from being displayed – not prevent a category from showing. If you want to eliminate competitors, or have a medical advice site, manually removing each competitor or "miracle cure" website can be a time-consuming and ongoing problem.

(2) Do not get involved in click fraud – once Google has identified you as a perpetrator, you will never be a friend of Google again!

Author of this article is Emma Kalson

Monday, September 3, 2007

How Do You Find A Great Affordable Internet Web Hosting Service ?

In the past, all you needed to do to find an affordable internet web hosting service was just to read reviews from web hosting reviewers. But that is not the case any more! The fact is that most web hosts are no longer living up to expectations. There are two factors that you must consider before choosing an affordable internet web hosting service. These factors will determine if an affordable internet web hosting service is great or not.

Here are two factors that you must consider:

1. Traffic volume: There are some web hosts that will place restrictions on the traffic volume that your website receives – a great affordable internet web hosting service wouldn’t do this. A great affordable internet web hosting service will give you enough space to receive the highest amount of traffic that your website will get. A great affordable internet web hosting service will even go to the extent of resetting your traffic volume per month so that the traffic volume will not keep piling up which will eventually eat up your traffic volume space.

2. Content restrictions: A great affordable internet web hosting service will allow you to publish anything on your website as long as it does not violate their policies. For instance, a great affordable internet web hosting service will allow you to publish images or pictures, and broadcast sounds or videos (some web hosts won’t allow you to do this).

Finding a great affordable internet web hosting service is now easier than you think. Use what you’ve learnt in this article.

Author of this article is Sam Ayodeji. Sam has helped countless individuals to choose the right web hosting services for their various needs.

Do You Need An HTML Form?

If you have an internet business, adding a simple HTML form to your website, such as a feedback form or a contact form, can be a tough task. For those who are new to programming, creating a simple form for your website can be difficult.

If you do not have a contact form and you need to immediately provide a way for your visitors to contact you, then you should simply post your email address on your Contact page. However, if you want to create a sophisticated online form to collect information from your visitors and respond to their questions, you will need some help.

Installing the HTML form on your website is the easy part. If you are not familiar with how to create the code for a form, there are many different online tutorials that can teach you how to create the code. After that, you will need to create a file that will process your form after someone fills it out and send the answers to you via email. The code used to process an HTML form is often referred to as Formmail. Formmail is written in a programming language called PHP, which is more advanced than HTML. There are many websites where you can download the Formmail file for free. Formmail has been used to process and email the results of web forms since 1997.

When you download Formmail, make sure it has code that prevents spam from being sent through your HTML form. There are many different versions of Formmail floating around the internet, and some have built-in spam protection while others do not. Many times, inexperienced programmers will put a form on their website that does not include code to at least try to prevent spammers from utilizing the form to send spam to hundreds or even thousands of people. As a result, those who have been spammed complain to their internet service provider, who then directs the complaint to the hosting company that handles your website. This can be a huge problem.

Another problem with Formmail is sometimes it works with certain web hosting companies and not with others. Formmail is written in the PHP programming language, and sometimes certain web hosting companies have certain versions of PHP running on their servers that are not compatible with certain versions of Formmail. In addition, some web hosting companies do not allow the websites they host to use Formmail to process their forms due to the risk of spam being sent through unprotected Formmail files, which can crash a server if too much spam is sent at once.

If you do not have the patience to create a form yourself, there are more than a few form creation tutorials on the internet that provide a simple way for you to create a form without doing any programming. There are also third-party HTML form services that will help you create the form and process it for you on their own servers.

I hope this information will help you decide how you want to get an HTML form up and running on your website. If you do not have the patience to do the work, use an outside service that creates the form for you. If you want to learn to do it on your own, then try creating your form with the help of some online tutorials. Either way, it is important to have an online form so that people have a way to contact you directly through your website.

Author of this article is Jim Pretin. He is the owner of, a service that helps programmers make free HTML forms.

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