Thursday, August 16, 2007

How to Find High Paying Keywords for AdSense

I have been so busy last couple of weeks with my other project so I didn't have enough time for searching and reading good and informative articles one can find on the net. This morning I have find one really interesting and informative that shows you how to find high paying Keywords for adsense. This article is must read for everyone who want to increase there adsense earnings.

One might think that they could simply as a few people who run AdSense campaigns and get a good idea of what keywords pay how much. However, Google's terms and conditions for AdSense prohibit any person from sharing their earnings information with anyone else. Therefore, you are not going to find people readily to give you the keywords that pay them well. Besides, they don't want more and more people using that keyword and cutting their income, either.

This may sound as if you are being left in the dark, and to some extent you truly are. But, you can use some good common sense and make a good estimate of which keywords are likely to pay well.

One way to select keywords that are profitable is to research keywords using a keyword tool like Word Tracker. Look for keywords that are niche keywords, having very few competitors and numerous searches performed. These will likely pay rather well. Start out by trying a few of these and finding out which ones pay best, keeping those and dropping the less profitable.

Before you set up your website, you probably did a great deal of keyword research, choosing those that had little competition in order to get the traffic you want. Go back to your keyword list and review some of the keywords again. You may want to run them through your keyword tool again, but the keywords may not have changed significantly if it has only been a short time since you did the research.

The only real way to determine which of the keywords are the most profitable is to try them out. Pick a few keywords you believe are niche keywords and will pay well. Then compare those keywords once you get reports. You'll see which ones need to be dropped and which ones need to be kept. Add some new keywords to replace the ones you dropped. Wait a while and then access your reports again. It won't take long to have a very refined list of keywords that will monetize your website quite well.

Author of this article is Peter Vermeeren

For more information about Adsense and Adwords Tracking visit: Adsense and Adwords Marketing and Testing


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