Tuesday, August 21, 2007

9 Simple Steps to Create a Background Tiled Image Branded with Your Name

You have seen those web pages where they have the name of the Name Web repeated over over over in square tiles as the background. Now by following these 9 Simple steps you too can create a web page Branded with your Name, or Company Name.

I am far from a graphic designer but by using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Paint and these 9 Simple Steps. I have been able to create Tiled background Images.

Step 1

Go into Microsoft Word and Create a Word Art with your Text.

Click on Menu Item Insert then Picture Then Word Art.

Select a Word Art Template

Enter Your Word art Text

Select your Font Style and Size

Rotate your Word Art (Going from Top Right to Bottom Left seems to work best)

Step 2

Open Paint and create a New File

Click on Menu Item File the New

Step 3

In Paint ---- Set Image Attributes Size to

Width 168 Pixels

Height 197 Pixels

Click on Menu Item Image then Attributes

Type 168 in Width Text Box

Type 197 in Height Text Box

Select Pixels

Click OK Button

Step 4

Go back to Microsoft word and Copy the Word Art Image

Right Click on the Image then click copy

Step 5

Go to paint and Paste the Word Image

Click on Menu Item Edit then Paste

Step 6

In paint choose your background Color

Click on Menu Item Colors and Select your Color

Then Click the Little paint Can (Fill with Color)

Then Click the Image

Step 7

Save Your Paint File as a Gif or JPG - img.gif or img.jpg

Click on Menu Item File then Save As

Type a File name in the Type In Box (myimage.jpg)

Select GIF or JPG from the File Type Selection Box

Click the Save Button

Step 8

Upload the Image to your Web Pagehttp://domain/images/myimage.jpg

step 9

Place the following code inside your body tag background=http://domain/images/myimage.jpg

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