Monday, September 8, 2008

10 Things That Help Make A Successful Website

Today the Internet is highly competitive, it is not longer good enough to just create a website and watch the money roll in. Modern websites have to go that extra mile if they want to see a good return on their investment.

I will discuss the 10 things that you need to get right to be successful in the world of ecommerce. You could fill several volumes of books describing everything; however, I am going to discuss the more important ones.

1. First things first, you must do your research and make sure what you are planning to sell is actually in demand. If your product is already being sold online try and offer a new spin on products that you know that already sell well.

2. Content is king, you website must have good original content that people will want to read.

3. Your web copywriting must be of a high standard. You must grab the reader’s attention then give them the desire to buy your product. You then must give them a call to action and then you must offer customer satisfaction.

4. Accessibility, you have to make your website as accessible as it can be. The internet should be accessible to everyone regardless of their handicap.

5. Test your website; too many online companies never test their websites to see what works and what doesn’t. I strongly believe that you can’t improve a website if you can’t track it. A good tip here would be to use Google’s website optimiser. This free service lets you test different elements of your website.

6. Keep in contact with your customers, send out a newsletter at least once a month to keep in contact and inform your customers of any special offers.

7. Use Google analytics to track your visitor’s behaviours. This is an excellent tool for tracking what people do on your website and what they don’t. This is invaluable information and it’s free.

8. If your budget permits start a pay per click campaign to sell you products while you’re waiting on your SEO taking effect. More on SEO on a moment.

9. Get some SEO servicesfrom a company that knows what they are doing, this will save time and money in the long term.

10. Hire a website design company to design your website professionally.

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E-maniacs said...

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