Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Need Traffic For Your Website? Here Are Some Inexpensive Traffic Secrets

You have built a great website. Everything is set up and you are excited about your online presence. A day goes by, a week, then two,and your traffic is just trickling in one or two visitors at a time. Your excitement turns to woe. What went wrong? Having a great website with good products/service and having virtually no traffic is like throwing a big party and having no one show up. Use the following inexpensive traffic tips and you will see the results you want.

Before you do anything else, use a keyword tool to research the right keywords for your site. What keywords are your competition using? Make sure your site is content uses the keywords your niche market uses to search. This will do two things. It will help improve your ranking in the search engines for these phrases, and it will get you visible to those you want to visit your site.

Once you have done your keyword homework and have your site optimized, the next inexpensive traffic secret is to make sure to add fresh content to your site every 3 to 4 days. Again, this keeps you in the engines and in front of your prospects. This point is the most inexpensive and one of the most important aspects of improving and maintaining your search engine rankings. Remember, if people don't know your site is available they won't visit.

Start a blog about your niche market. Make sure to write fresh content at least once a week. Let your visitors comment on your content, or even add their own. This will keep visitors coming back to your site to see what is been added.

Another inexpensive traffic secret is to write and submit articles to articles directories. These article directories allow others to use your content as long as you are given credit for the article. Your signature file is always attached to the articles. In your signature file, youll place links with strong call to action to your site.

Regularly submitting articles to the ezine directories will increase links to your site and help you establish yourself as an authority in your industry. Just as with a brick and mortar business, you must make your presence known on the Internet.

Many think that banner ads no longer work generating traffic to websites. Just look at some of the more prestigious sites on the web...and you will see banner ads galore. Several directories list websites selling ad space. The fees will vary depending mainly on how many visitors the site attracts.

Getting your site listed in directories relating to your industry is another inexpensive way to bring traffic to your site. If you are targeting a local market, also make sure to get listed in local directories.

These few inexpensive traffic secrets consistently generate website visitors. Some of these strategies may take a few months to increase your traffic. Others such as banner ads will generate traffic almost immediately.

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Srini Saripalli is a Technologist, Marketer & Entrepreneur turned Business Optimization Expert. Visit Success Engineer and get your FREE CD on how to plan your own business Success.

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