Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Web Hosting - Tips for Beginners

This is an excelent article for everybody who is looking for the web hosting company for the first time. Not only that beginners should read this article but experienced web masters too can get some obvious, simple but easily forgotten tips.

Finding the right web host for beginners can be a challenge with all the web hosts claiming to be the best. Let's discuss web hosting options for a person who is inexperienced about how to select the best web host for beginners.

You are just beginning to explore the Internet and you have decided that you need a website on the Internet to be successful. You researched the many web hosts that all claim to have the best features and you are over whelmed by all the possibilities.

Let's discuss what a book for beginners should tell you.

Most of the time, people looking for a web host asks all the wrong questions about the web host. Since the Internet is considered "technical", it seems that people automatically start looking at how many gigs of memory and how much bandwidth each web host provides for the price. They read that they can get 10,000 email addresses, 1,000 FTP accounts, and 1,000 mailing lists (Isn't that a joke? Walmart might need that kind of support, but a starting website? I don't think so!) They consider what software is provided? .ASP, Perl, PHP, .NET, Cold Fusion, etc. (Yes, "etc." is not software).

My observation is that people tend to get so bogged down in the technical aspects (hardware and software) of what a web host offers that they lose site of the basic fact that the hardware side of the web host is only the medium that carries their message to the world via the Internet. It is the means to the end.

Web hosts are a dime a dozen and the competition for customers is fierce.

On the hardware technical side, a web host should provide:

* A secure data center that stays up running 100% of the time. * Bandwidth wide enough to handle the all the traffic quickly. * Storage to handle all the data. * Processor speed fast enough to process the traffic without delay. * A secure, reliable connection to the Internet

Any of the major web hosts provides these so why research it to the Nth degree? It is a waste of time.

What people starting to build a new website should really ask is "what is the mission of my website"? Then they should look for the best web host that helps them build a website that satisfies that mission.

All web hosts are not all things to all people. Spend the time finding the best web host that satisfies the needs of your new website.

I wish you the best in building that new site.

Author of This article is John V.W.Howe. His website<;a/> helps people analyze their needs and match those needs to the best web host. He also publishes


Anonymous said...

Hi, what is web hosting?

Anonymous said...

When I first started out with my web site I knew nothing and started hosting with AvekHost. They did a really good job and in fact still do. Been with them for quite a while now and I always know if I have a question they will certainly answer it.

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