Thursday, April 10, 2008

Website Designing: The Accessibility Factor

Today when there is a sea full of websites all over the web world it becomes extremely difficult to sustain a considerable amount of traffic to the site. This threat appears like a killer for any website owner. In order to overcome this threat what websites really need to do is create super duper web presences for themselves. This web presence can be created right from the website designing process itself.

The question now arises why emphasize on presence when you are already there in the web. Even though your website is there it is important to make it accessible to the users because until your website is accessible no user will spend time on your website. This will appear to be a great loss to your business since websites are the most important tool of communication between you and your users and the accessibility of the website is the most essential factor that can keep them glued to your services.

The accessibility factor of a website depends a lot on the user end also. It is possible that your end user is not being able to view your audio or video content because their system does not support such high end services. It is thus advised that web designers keep this factor in mind while doing website designing for a site. It is true that video and audio inputs make the website more attractive and happening, but what is the use of having attraction when essential content itself is being restricted.

Make sure that your website follows a proper style sheet while drawing the HTML format of the website. Though styling and colouring of the website is important and essential to make it look expressive and attractive it is equally important to make sure that the tags that are used on the HTML are properly closed. Even if a single tag is misplaced, the internet will not be able to read your webpage.

In order to make your webpage accessible, it is important that you use them appropriately. Make use of diagrams and tables too. It is not necessary that the diagrams and tables be for decorative use only, you can also use them as a medium to add additional information which will attract the user’s attention more than otherwise.

When a user comes into your website, the first thing they notice about you is the nature, whether you are welcoming or not. Yes a welcoming website can be distinguished from an unwelcoming website from their navigation. A broadly expanded and open navigation is an ideal situation which is most used by welcoming websites. User friendly navigation is the best technique of retaining your clientele using simple website designing.

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