Friday, January 18, 2008

Blogging for Bucks

A blog is a website used to present written entries in reverse chronological order. The term itself is a shortening of the original words used to describe these websites, which was "web log." Blogging has become an extremely prevalent means of expression on the Internet, and it's also become a moneymaker for entrepreneurial bloggers.

Blogs are generally presented primarily in text form, though they may also use images, video, and audio files. Generally the person who writes the entries, known as the blogger, chooses a subject of interest and writes entries surrounding that topic. Common topics among bloggers are food, politics, and news items.

Early blogs were nothing more than online diaries. The people who used them basically kept an online account of their lives. At the time, they usually called themselves diarists or journalers. The entries appeared on websites that were manually updated as new entries were created.

However, today, bloggers enjoy the use of software that has made the process much easier. Some common software programs in use are WordPress, Movable Type, and LiveJournal. Bloggers may also choose to utilize the services of web hosting services. With the advent of software and services, blogging has become accessible to even the most novice of Internet users.

Blogging has become so popular that in May 2007, the blog search engine Technorati reported the existence of more than 71 million blogs. Having started as online diaries, blogging has since evolved into not only a form of expression, but also as a way to make money on the Internet.

Some companies are now paying individuals to blog in a way that boosts the buzz about their new products and services. They may pay the blogger a set fee for the entry, a commission for any sales made as a result of the blog, or a combination of the two.

In addition to direct payment from companies, some bloggers use their sites as a place to post paid advertisements for businesses. Successful bloggers can make a significant amount of money in this manner. The key to success in this manner is to create an interesting blog that attracts many visitors each day.

Fortunately, blogging can really be an enjoyable way to make some extra cash. The first step, and probably the most important step, is to choose a topic that will appeal to a large number of people. In addition, the topic has to appeal to you. If you don't enjoy discussing the topic, you're not likely to update your blog very often and when you do, you won't have fun doing it.

When you choose a topic, think about what your passions are in life. Perhaps you have a particular hobby that lots of people are interested in. Maybe you're an avid fisherman, create fabulous scrapbooks, or possess a great deal of knowledge about a certain topic. Then, consider which of those passions will be most likely to interest other people and provide fodder for a number of entries.

Once you've gotten your blog up and running, you can participate in the affiliate programs of companies that will pay you for placing an advertisement on your blog site. Because most affiliate programs pay a fee for each time an individual clicks on their ad, it is a good idea to look for companies whose products and services are in some way related to your topic. For example, if you write a blog about dogs, you might look for companies that sell pet products.

There are a number of resources available on the Internet that can help you get started blogging and using your blog to make money. Before purchasing any products or services for learning about blogging or setting up a blog, be sure to do some research. Look for companies or individuals with a good reputation on the Internet and beware of claims promising overnight success.

A blog takes work and it will take time to attract visitors. However, there are great rewards to be had in blogging, not the least of which is sharing interesting information and networking with your peers.

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