Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Google AdSense – A Massive And Passive Income?

This article show you some of adventages and disadventages of having google Adsense ads on your website.
I think article is interesting and informative.

You may have seen "sponsored by Gooooogle" on many websites that you've looked at. This is Google AdSense - a simple way for website owners to display Google Ads on their website and earn money for each advert clicked on. Ads are targetted to the content of the page they are displayed on, so visitors to your page are more likely to want to follow those adverts. You can also use Google Search linked into Adsense on your site, so when a visitor carries out a search, search-related ads are also shown.

Obviously the best way to make money from AdSense is to have a site with lots of content. And you're looking at the best method right now! Free reprint article directories such as this one are a fantastic source of fresh content for your website, and simple to insert. Just a few articles a week soon builds up into a huge targetted-content website.


(1) Adverts are targetted to each page so you know the adverts will be related to your content.

(2) You make money per advert clicked on.

(3) Anyone with a website of "reasonable content" can join the AdSense Program.

(4) Google gives you the code and plenty of customisation options (ad sizes and colours), making it really easy to put AdSense on your website.

(5) Free to generate new content – just leave the resource boxes hyperlinked and intact.


(1) You can only prevent adverts from specific websites from being displayed – not prevent a category from showing. If you want to eliminate competitors, or have a medical advice site, manually removing each competitor or "miracle cure" website can be a time-consuming and ongoing problem.

(2) Do not get involved in click fraud – once Google has identified you as a perpetrator, you will never be a friend of Google again!

Author of this article is Emma Kalson

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