Saturday, July 28, 2007

Using Templates On Your Website

Templates for Websites

Templates define a website layout and can also define fonts, colors, images, and many other features of a web page. Using a premade template is usually a lot easier than designing a website from scratch. Website templates range from free to custom made.

Problems with Free Templates

One of the problems of using free templates is that your website won't be unique. There could be hundreds of other webmasters using that same template. Think about it, if you come across a free template that you think looks pretty cool chances are that so did many others.

Another problem with free templates are that they usually come with many restrictions. One requirement they free templates usually have is that you have to link back to the website that you got it from. If you are trying to build your page rank you may not want to give away a link. Another problem can be that you will not be permitted to use the free template on a commercial website.

Inexpensive Templates

For the most part when you pay for a template you will be getting a better quality. Large sites that sell templates hire designers to create professional templates, and then they have the right to resell the template as many times as they wish, this in effect lowers the price. Designers love this arraignment as they don't have to deal with customers, and it's good for the customer too as they get a lower price. For new websites on a shoe string budget a low price is usually a determining factor.

One thing to keep in mind though, larger websites sell a lot of templates and you don't want your website looking like your competitors. So be sure to choose a template that you haven't seen around before and maybe even edit it some to make it unique.

What About Exclusive Templates?

Many websites have begun selling exclusive templates, templates that are only sold once and then removed from their website. You will end up with a unique template that is exclusive to your website although you may end up paying more that you would have paid than just hiring a designer.

If you hire a professional designer you will be able to specify exactly what you want, choose your colors, images, fonts, etc. There are obviously many choices you can make when it comes to selecting a website template, once you figure out your budget you should be able to choose the template that is right for you.

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